TelecomWorld 101 provides telecommunication professionals and those who are interested in Voice over IP (VoIP) with information on many different platforms including the open source Asterisk Private Branch Exchange (PBX). TelecomWorld 101 is divided up into sections indicated by the menu buttons at the top of this page. Each button will take you to a separate section that deals with a particular area. This is a new site and I (yes, just one person) am slowly writing the webpages and filling the site. My plan is to cover a lot of areas not normally covered when discussing VoIP to start with.

What the Heck is Telecommunications?

Normally it is all telephony but there is a huge area that covers the OSI model, network side and server side that most telephony gurus don't know about. I've started from the left side with the Reference section and completed the Network section. I'm halfway through the Server pages and I've updated the VoIP section with Asterisk using PBX in a Flash, a FreePBX reference section and configuring Cisco Call Manager Express (Dec 2012)! I expect that it will take a while to complete this site if that is possible! So be patient, sit back, read, learn and enjoy!

The TelecomWorld 101 website is divided into the following sections:

Reference - This section is a reference source based on the OSI model. Each layer is discussed including the software and devices associated with each layer! This is a good place to start if you are justing learning or if you need to brush up on your skills

Network - This section details everything that you will need to know about the network specifically pertaining to VoIP and it covers LANs, VLANs, WANs, traffic patterns, Subnetting, QoS, etc..

Servers - The growth of the Telephony world has been towards server based applications. Here's information on what a server is, how to configure and manage servers. It covers the application of the boot process, DHCP,TFTP, DNS, Web servers in relation to VoIP.

VoIP - Voice over IP is the hot topic in Telephony. This section discusses Asterisk based on PBX in a Flash, the FreePBX managment GUI, Cisco Call Manager Express, Shoretel, 3CX phones systems and FreeSwitch.

Traditional - The traditional section discusses the legacy telephony system. As the world migrates from the traditional world of telphony to VoIP, you need to know both worlds.

Security - VoIP is a software based solution that introduces new security issues. This section provides information on securing your network, server and VoIP applications plus how to test your system using commonly available tools

Troubleshooting - What happens when things go wrong? How do you determine where the source of the problem is? This section provides troubleshooting tips and advice.

Devices - This section discusses the many devices available in the telephony industry from the legacy equipment to the latest VoIP offerings.

Want to learn more? - SAIT Polytechnic offers the Information Technology Telecom Systems (ITTS) major, which is a 2 year post secondary technology program that covers the global digital communication systems used for voice, video, data and wireless. Topics of discussion are VOIP (voice over IP), Wide Area Networks (WANs), Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs), computer networks, telephone networks, cellular networks, wireless networks and service provider networks which create the backbone for the Internet. As a matter of fact, the information that you are reading now has passed through several telecommunication providers to arrive on your display!

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