Asterisk Resources

Here's a list of good resources for those starting out with the Asterisk PBX:

PBX in a Flash

The distribution of Asterisk PBX that includes CentOS, FreePBX and a host of other vital programs

PiaF Without Tears

Here's a great downloadable resource from Ben Sharif. Kudos to Ben for his excellent effort in documenting how to do the more complicated stuff in PBX in a Flash (PiaF). This book is a necessity!

System Summary

Want to know more about the architecture of the PBX in a Flash distribution of Asterisk PBX? This is the place for more reference sources and a little bit of background on this thing called PBX in a Flash.


The home of the web based configuration client for Asterisk PBX


The home of the web based configuration client for all Non Asterisk stuff.

Home of the Asterisk PBX - core to PBX in a Flash


Home of the originators of Asterisk PBX and the manufacturer of systems and hardware for use with Asterisk

Asterisk Guru

Great site for information on configuring, installing and troubleshooting Asterisk

Intensive collection of information about VOIP and Asterisk. Pages and pages of information. If it ain't there then you better add it cause its a wiki!

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