The Asterisk Miscellaneous Section

Feature Codes

PBX in a Flash comes pre-configured with standard feature codes that are accessible from an extension's dial keypad. For example, these allow you to check your extension number, find out the current time and perform an echo test. Handy troubleshooting tools to determine if your extensions are working correctly.

Setting up a Digital Receptionist Here's information on how to setup the Interactive Voice Response's (IVR) Digital Receptionist often referred to as an Auto Attendant (AA).

  1. Install the IVR module if its not already installed

  2. Setup the system voice menu and the Digital Receptionist menus

  3. Setup an Inbound Route to use the Digital Receptionist

Setting up Voice Mail

Here's how to setup and access the built-in voice mail system

Here's a handy dandy voice mail flowchart (pdf) so you can figure out which key to press and when.

Here's how to access the voicemail through the FreePBX Web Voicemail interface

And finally how to send the voicemail as an email notice and attachment

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