Asterisk: PBX in a Flash Distribution

System Summary

Want to know more about the architecture of the PBX in a Flash distribution of Asterisk PBX? This is the place.


Tips and procedure on how to install PBX in a Flash on to a PC

Users and Passwords

My goal is to clear up the confusion on the multitude of administrators and passwords and consolidate the administrator accounts for the main systems. Basically create order out of chaos!

Logging to PBX in a Flash

There are 4 main user interfaces associated with PBX in a Flash: Linux command prompt, Asterisk CLI, FreePBX and Webmin. Here's how to access them.

Stopping the System

In order to shutdown Asterisk, you must follow a certain order otherwise your configuration will be corrupted (experience talking).

Server Help

There are several help menus available on the server. Here's where to find them and what those commands are that whiz by the screen so fast you can't read them!

Installing Modules

From time to time, you will have to upgrade or install a module. This webpage steps you through installing an example: IVR Module

The beautiful Webmin web based server configuration tool

    Webmin's job is to provide a web based graphic user interface (GUI) that configures all of the text based configuration files and pretty much everything that you would want to do to configure the Linux portion of PiaF. If you want to configure the hardware, servers, security, time, etc.. it's done here!

    A word about Extensions and Dial Plans

    Don't manually edit those dialplans yet! There's some things you should know about FreePBX and .conf files

    Setting the Time Straight!

  • Synchronizing the time on the phones, server and voice mail. Easier than it looks and makes everyone happy!

Please donate to support the cost of buying new hardware, thanks.

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