Zaptel - Asterisk Legacy Driver

Zaptel is the older telephony drivers used in versions earlier than Asterisk 1.6. Dahdi is the newer telephony drivers used in versions starting with Asterisk 1.6. Think of Zaptel as version 1 and Dahdi as Version 2. Dahdi is the new improved Zaptel with a name change due to trademark infringement. Here's information on how to configure and troubleshoot zaptel interfaces.

The order of loading of conf files for the Zaptel interface is:

1. /etc/zaptel.conf - This file contains the Linux hardware configuration

2. /etc/asterisk/zapata.conf - This file holds global configurations and may contain "includes" to the following zapata conf files. There doesn't appear to be a "standard" install for zapata conf files. It seems to change depending on the version of Asterisk that you have.

  • /etc/asterisk/zapata-auto.conf
    This is auto generated by genzapconf and will contain the FXS/FXO channel information.
  • /etc/asterisk/zapata_additional.conf
    This conf contains the FXS extensions information created by FreePBX.
  • /etc/asterisk/zapata_custom.conf
    This is manually created and edited by you for FXO and E1/T1 trunks

Setting up a POTS phone extensions

You've heard of FXS ports, here's how to configure your FXS port for use with a POTS phone.

Setting up a POTS line trunk

If you want to connect the Asterisk PBX to the local phone line. The FXO port is what you need to use.

Configuring a T1 Line

How to configure a T1 line to work with a channel bank using Zaptel

Connect two PBXs using a T1 ISDN PRI trunk and Zaptel

This example configures two PBXs to talk together using an ISDN PRI connection. Asterisk trunks and outbound/inbound routes are configured.

No Asterisk CLI zap Help?

How to troubleshoot your Zaptel configuration when there is no Asterisk CLI zap help options showing.

Testing Zaptel Hardware

How to verify that your Zaptel hardware is working correctly

Performance Testing Zaptel Hardware

Now that your zaptel hardware is working, better test it to make sure your getting the best performance possible.

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