Cisco Call Manager has a web GUI (graphical user interface) for configuring parts of the PBX. You still MUST know the command line as certain services such as the legacy connections are not able to be configured through the web GUI.

Router Command Line Prep for the GUI

From the router command line. Enable http services:

Router(config)# ip http server

Enter the telephony services and configure the web admin account at the router's telephony-service configuration for username admin with password cisco (in the real world, you would create a much more secure password):

Router(config)# telephony-service
Router(config-telephony)# web admin system name admin password cisco
Router(config-telephony)# dn-webedit
Router(config-telephony)# time-webedit
Router(config)# ip http server

The commands dn-webedit and time-webedit allow directory numbers (extensions) and the time to be edited by the web GUI.

Point your web browser to the IP address's ccme.html file of your router. The pull-down menus may not work in some browsers properly. If the pull-down menus don't work, try another browser. It appears that Internet Explorer works best. I've had problems with Firefox and the version of Java that runs. : Username: admin Password: cisco

You should see the Cisco Call Manager Express home page for your router:


Things to do!

  • Add User Information to existing extensions - Add user information for the phonebook directory listing and for later use for voicemail. It is important to provide user information to the existing extensions. Later the user information will be used for the voicemail accounts.

  • Add a New Phone and Extension - Now that your CCME GUI has been configured, it is time to add a phone and extension.

  • Exploring CCME GUI Features - This page will configure some basic features of Cisco Call Manager Express: System Message, Directory Services, Hunt Groups, Information and Idle URLs and Music on Hold.

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