Dial-Up Modems

The dial-up modem was the first method to send digital data over the telephony analog lines. This section looks at the basic operation of the dial-up modem, the types, features and standards of dial-up modems and the AT command set used to configure the modems.

Basic Definition - This page describes the basic definition of a dial-up modem and the digital connectiona, the analog connection and internal/external modems.

Types and Features of Modems - This section discusses the different types of modems and the features that a modem can have. The term "baud rate" is discussed and defined.

Dial-up Modem Standards - This page list the many different modem standards from the North American world and the European world.

AT Command set -This page discusses the AT command set which is used to configure, control and query the status of smart modems.

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