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FreePBX is known as a web-based graphical user interface (GUI) for Asterisk but it is much more than that. Originally, it was named the Asterisk Management Portal (amportal) and it's older name more accurately describes its capabilities. It is integrated quite closely with the management of the Asterisk PBX using a MySQL database to control and configure the PBX.

Initially, FreePBX was a tool that was added onto other distributions such as Elastix, Trixbox and PBX in a Flash. Lately, the FreePBX team under Schmooze Com Inc. created their own Asterisk distribution based on naturally FreePBX. Exciting times in the open source world!

The main FreePBX System Status page

The FreePBX section documents all of the configuration menus with their online helps menus. This allows you to easily determine the capabilities of each of the configuration utilities. This section is divided into the following areas which correspond with the pull-down menus:

   - This section details the administration of the PBX: PBX Administrators, Asterisk CLI, Asterisk Phonebook, Backup & Restore, Blacklist, Caller ID Lookup Sources, Custom Destinations, DUNDI Lookup, FOP Panel, Feature Codes, FreePBX Support, Java SSH, Module Admin, Online Support, Phone Restart and System Recordings.

   - This section details the following applications: Announcements, Bulk DIDs, Bulk Extensions, Call Flow Control, Callback, Conferences, DISA, Extensions, Follow Me, IVR, Languages, Misc Applications, Misc Destinations, Paging and Intercom, Queue Priorities, Queues, Ring Groups, Set CallerID, Time Conditions, Time Groups and Voicemail Blasting.

   - This section details the following connectivity services: Custom Contexts, Custom Contexts Admin, End Point Advanced Settints, End Point Configuration, End Point Device List, End Point Template Manager, Inbound Routes, Outbound Routes, Trunks and Zap Channel DIDs.

   - This section details the following reports: Asterisk Info, Asterisk Logfiles, CDR Reports, FreePBX System Status, PHP Info, Print Extensions and Weak Password Detection.

   - This section details the following settings: Advanced Settings, Asterisk API, Asterisk IAX2 Settings, Asterisk SIP Settings, General Settings, Music On Hold, PHPAGI Config, PIN Sets, Parking Lot, Route Congestion Messages and Voicemail Admin.

   - This is the user interface for the PBX. It lets the users access the voicemail, recordings and user configurable settings.

   - This section details the following "other" services: CID Superfecta, Config Edit, Customer DB, DAHDI, Google Voice, Inventory, Sys Info and PhpMyAdmin.

   - The button allows the user to change the language of the FreePBX GUI from the default English.

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