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Administrators - This menu allows you to create administrators for certain functions of the PBX such as the Digital Receptionist, Parking Lot, Route Congestion Messages, Voicemail Admin, Inventory, User Panel, etc..

Asterisk CLI - This menu choice allows you to run Asterisk CLI commands and view the output in the FreePBX GUI.

Asterisk Phonebook - This module allows you to create system wide speed dial numbers that can be dialed from any phone.

Backup & Restore - This module provides different options for backing up and restoring your PBX configuration that includes the CDR, Voicemail and configuration. You can backup to email, ftp server, local server, MySQL server and SSH server.

Blacklist - This module allows you to block unwanted numbers or CallerIDs from accessing your PBX.

CallerID Lookup Sources - This module lets you specify a source for resolving numeric CallerIDs of incoming calls, you can then link an Inbvound route to a specific CID source.

Custom Destinations - This module allows you to register your custom destinats that point to custom dialplans.

Custom Extensions - This module provides you with a facility to register any custom extensions or feature codes that you have created in a custom file that FreePBX doesn't otherwise know about.

DUNDI Lookup - This module allows you to manually look-up e.164 numbers using the DUNDI protocol if configured.

FOP Panel - Flash Operator Panel (FOP) is a heads up display (HUD) for administrators and operators. It allows you to monitor in real-time the calls that are coming through your PBX.

Feature Codes - This module allows you to view, enable and configure the feature codes used by the system.

FreePBX Support - This page links to the FreePBX support site where you can get multi-level support agreements.

Java SSH - This module provides a Java SSH shell to SSH into your PBX's Linux command prompt.

Module Admin - This module allows you to remove, install and update the modules that make up the FreePBX management environment.

Online Support - This module allows you to contact the FreePBX IRC channel for information.

Phone Restart - This module allows you to restart all or selected phones connected to the system.

System Recordings - This module allows you to record system messages using a phone extension as a microphone.

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