FreePBX - Reports Menu

Asterisk Info - This menu allows you to all parts of your dialplan from the SIP registrations to the extension details.

Asterisk Logfiles - This menu choice allows you to view the Asterisk logfile called "full" for troubleshooting and testing.

CDR Reports - This menu choice allows you to search, view and export the Call Detail Report (CDR) records for logging, accounting and troubleshooting of calls.

FreePBX System Status - This module allows you to view the main page of FreePBX called the System Status page.

PHP Info - This module allows you to vie more information about PHP than you can shake a stick at!

Print Extensions - This module allows you to view all of the extensions and the feature codes that are currently configured on your PBX.

Weak Password Detection - This module alerts you to weak passwords and secrets on your system that might be easily exploited by hackers.

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