Proxmox Virtualization

On this webpage, you will be stepped through the installion and configuration of a Virtual Machine using a FreePBX distribution ISO image on a Proxmox 3.1 server. At this point you could use the VM and configure a FreePBX PBX or you can "clean it up" to create a Master VM that you can easily clone and bring up multiple PBXs.

It is assumed that you already have Proxmox 3.1 installed on a server and have downloaded a 32 bit version of the FreePBX distribution ISO to a PC.

  1. Create a FreePBX VM for Proxmox 3.1 - this page steps you through the creation of a VM based on a 32 bit FreePBX distribution ISO

  2. Initial Configuration of a FreePBX VM - this page steps you through the intial configuration of FreePBX.

  3. Creating a Master VM - this page steps you through fine tuning a Master VM in preparation for making clones from it.

  4. Cloning the Master VM - this page steps you through creating a clone of the master VM.

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