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Cisco QuickVPN - here's a simple way of creating a VPN into your SOHO network using a Cisco SOHO router. In this case, we use the Cisco RV180W SOHO router which is an extremely powerful SOHO router for a reasonable expenditure.

Virtual Private Network connects through Firewalls

Cisco RV180W SOHO WiFi router

These instructions work for any of the SOHO line of WiFi routers that Cisco provides. It is very simple and the complete instructions are on Page 108 of the RV180W Administrator's guide - section titled: Remote Access with Cisco QuickVPN.

  1. On the router, go to VPN - IPsec - VPN users. Add a user with a password. Make sure QuickVPN is the selected protocol.

  2. To enable access via Cisco QuickVPN, you must enable remote management to open port 443 for SSL. Go to Administration - Management Interface - Web Access. Enable Remote Management then Save.

  3. Determine the router's WAN IP address or its domain name for clients to connect to.

  4. You can download the router's certificate by going to Security - SSL Certificate - Export for Client and saving the certificate under an appropriate name to distribute with the Quick VPN software.

For the Clients:

  1. Go to Cisco and download the free Quick VPN (QVPN) software for RV180W Wireless-N Multifunction VPN Router (or whichever model you have)

  2. Install the software and run it.

    - Give it a profile name, enter the user name and password and server IP address.

  3. You may get a pop-up window that says the Server's certificate doesn't exist on your local computer. Do NOT quit the connection. Install the previously saved SSL certificate to the c:\Program Files\Cisco Small Business\QuickVPN Client\ directory. Next time you connect, you will not get the pop-up warning.

    That's it, your PC can connect through a VPN to your router.

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