Web Servers on the PBX

When running PBX in a Flash or other Linux based PBX, there are several web servers running. This page explores the differenct web servers and services that are used:

Apache Web Server

The Apache web server is used for supplying the Main Menu (Kennosoft), the FreePBX GUI and the Flash Operator Panel 2 (FOP2). The files are located in the Apache directory /var/www/html.

The PBX in a Flash Main Menu

The PBX in a Flash GUI

The Flash Operator Panel 2 (may have to upgrade from FOP to FOP2)

Webmin's Web Server

Webmin runs its own server on port 9001 for PBX in a Flash, it is the miniserv.pl web server. The default port is 10000 for a stock install of Webmin but PBX in a Flash configures it to run on port 9001. To directly access webmin, you would use the following URL:

Webmin's GUI interface

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