Zenmap Intense Scan plus UDP

This page is a continuation of Zenmap Port Scanning for Security. The Zenmap Intense UDP Scan is more intensive then the Regular Scan, it takes substantially longer (minutes versus seconds) and scans UDP ports.

  • First you run Zenmap from a different PC than the server or PC that you are scanning. The target IP address or domain name is the device that you want to scan. This time, you select "Intense scan plus UDP" from the Profile selection list. Then you click on the Scan button.

    The "Regular scan" took 0.17 seconds to run while this "Intense scan plus UDP" took 1125 seconds! The Nmap Output tab shows a lot more information. The open ports should be checked to see if they need to be open and/or if they should be open to the outside world.

  • The Ports/Hosts tab again indicates which service is associated with each of the open ports. This time we can see both the UDP ports and TCP ports that were detected.

  • The Topology and Host Details tabs provide the same information as the Regular Scan and will not be repeated here.

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